Allred Will Run In The Democratic Primary For The 32nd Congressional District.

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More Former NFL player and current civil rights attorney Colin Allred has launched his campaign to unseat Rep. Pete Sessions (R) of the 32nd Congressional District in Dallas, according to The Dallas Morning News. I was born and raised in this district by a single mother who taught in Dallas public schools for 27 years, Allred said. This community-my mom, my teachers, and my coaches-gave me the opportunity to succeed, play in the NFL, become a civil rights attorney, and work for President Obama. I want to make sure future generations have the same opportunities and to make sure those values are being represented in D.C. Allred will run in the Democratic primary for the 32nd Congressional District. Ed Meier, a former policy adviser to Hillary Clinton and a nonprofit executive, is also considering a run. Allred decided to pursue Sessions's spot after last November's presidential election of President Donald Trump. Clinton defeated Trump in the 32nd Congressional District. Sessions has served in Congress since 1997.

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